This site is recycled from a portion of one of my previous sites, Anime Paradise. There was a birthday section much like this, but it was not organized as well. I decided to recreate it as a standalone site as it felt more focused that way.

You may be wondering why I've created this site considering there are numerous birthday lists already out there. Well, let me ask you this - do any of them visually represent the characters they list? It's great if I can pick out the ones I know from a really long list or utilize a calendar that I can scroll through, but isn't it more fun and much easier to see images?

Ad Principium is Latin for "to the beginning". A birth is the beginning of a life, so that's why I chose the name.

The current layout features Kira and Athrun from Gundam SEED.

Please do not copy anything from this site. It is a very time-consuming project that I have worked hard on. Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the characters featured on this site. All images and information are for personal amusement only.